About Wakatobi

Wakatobi is a brand for the modern soul. It is more than just an eyewear. It is a lifestyle.

Our goal is to fuse the functional usage of eyewear as an instrument to correct vision problem and as a part of fashion statement. More importantly we want to achieve it in an easy, pleasant, and fun way as possible. The conventional way in buying eyewear can be a hassle. Optical shops normally carry hundreds of item for you to choose for (good luck with that!), all with their variations of prices and models. Here, we narrowed down the options and present you only with the best, hip, and elegant style of eyewear you can find out there. What’s more, they all come in ONE PRICE. So, there’s no need to worry about which one fits your pocket- you only need to worry about which one fits your face.

What’s more, we aspire to provide access to boutique-quality eyewear for those fashion minded, young at heart people without the boutique-esque pretension.

Because you are what matter to you.  


Just free yourself to be yourself.

Enjoy Wakatobi